A Truly Collaborative Wiki Module for DNN
Share knowledge. Invite user comments. Track content changes.

With Canam Wiki, businesses of any size can engage a community of users to add and edit content in a central location for improved interactivity, enhanced communication, and maximized business efficiency.

Create new pages and categorize them for quick search using DNN Search Integration and Wiki-based searches.

Edit content with a simple double-click of the mouse.

Retain control over content with administrator-defined user permission roles.

Canam Wiki provides simple and easily-managed tools for ultimate information collaboration on websites of any size!

What is Canam Wiki?

Canam Wiki is collaborative business tool available for the DNN framework that allows a community of users to add and edit content in a central location.

With Canam Wiki, users can create individual pages with ease and categorize them for efficient searching via DNN Search Integration and Wiki-based searches. Once content is created, editing is just as efficient with a simple double click to activate fields. Administrators retain visibility on historic data so changes can be tracked even as new content is added or amended. And all data can be imported or exported, including individual page comments, making migration easy to achieve.

With administration controls, users can be assigned varying levels of permissions to read, write or edit content, affording administrators more effective management of their internal business processes.

Canam Wiki provides simple and easily managed tools allowing for information collaboration within your website!

What is a wiki? Why do I need a wiki on my site?

A wiki is a web application that allows for collaboration amongst various contributors, including addition, deletion and modification of content. Wikis are an extremely useful tool for personal, small and large businesses looking to organize their online presence in a cost effective manner. They should work seamlessly with an existing website or serve as a primary site or intranet.

Businesses can use a wiki as an internal method for managing projects, allowing employees to post current information and track previous changes made by time and user, eliminating long strings of email conversations and removing doubt about the current draft of a project. Furthermore, projects can be searched, making it easier to find information when it’s needed.

Wikis can be used for external purposes too such as knowledge sharing or inviting feedback on specific pages or topics. With the discussion and commenting options available, wikis provide the ideal format for open forums.

How do you get started with Canam Wiki?

There are several convenient options to get started with the Canam Wiki.

Demo - Check out the live demo for a comprehensive overview as well as an introduction to the features, benefits, and ease of implementing and using Canam Wiki. 

Trial – Experience Canam Wiki with a 30-day trial. It’s free and it provides access to either of the two full-featured editions – Canam Wiki Standard and Canam Wiki Professional. Simply ”purchase” a trial from the DNN Store and receive an encrypted key to unlock the software for the duration of the trial period.

Canam Wiki Standard Edition – The Standard edition of Canam Wiki includes all of the features and controls required to get started with a wiki for improved collaboration amongst a workgroup or enhanced interactivity on a website. The minimum DNN requirement is v7.0.0 or higher.

Canam Wiki Professional Edition – For a more robust wiki tool, Canam Wiki Professional provides enhanced management and privacy features to maximize collaboration efforts across a larger group of contributors with varying permissions. The minimum DNN requirement is v7.0.0 or higher.

All free trials last 30-days from the time of activation.  To better understand which edition is the ideal solution for your business or personal use, contact wikisupport@canamsoftware.com.

What makes Canam Wiki Different?

Canam Wiki offers a high level of control and customization in an easy-to-implement design to meet the varying needs of businesses worldwide, including:

  • One click control to create and manage pages throughout the wiki
  • Access to page history for a full transcript of activity by every user
  • Support from the industry-leading Canam Software team 
  • WYSIWYG editor for easy publishing that minimizes formatting issues or errors
  • One click editing and file upload*
  • Notifications* to page changes, new page additions or discussion changes
  • Secure access via ACL Security System* and CAPTCHA to ensure that all responses are generated by real people, not bots or computers
  • Enhanced features like templates*, file attachments* and ‘Print View’ options for ultimate customization, maximum professionalism and complete integration

Whether it is business or personal use, Canam Wiki allows even the non-tech savvy users to complete and manage pages.

*Canam Wiki Professional Edition and higher